Shell Fair - a journey of written expression


I have always written to express myself and soothe the soul.  As a child I loved poetry, the musical sway of rhyming poetry was my favourite.  Throughout life I have tried different styles from magazine columns, to business documents, self help guides and novels.

My Work

My site has access to my work and will grow with time.  I hope you enjoy reading it and find strength, laughter, and joy from my written expression.


I write when and where I can.  I write about what stirs emotion in me.  I write about facts and about life.  But I also write fiction.  What really is fiction?  Is it not throwing a whole bunch of life experiences into a blender and seeing what kind of smoothie comes out?

What's New?

There are a few new poems uploaded - take a look!

I have released an ebook titled "Breaking Up: It's a full time job!".  You can download a copy at:

It is a pocket guide to surviving a relationship break up - in particular separation or divorce.  It has practical ideas, case studies, and options to help you navigate the stormy waters post break up.